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Tax Resolution Services of Tampa, FL

Tim Halcomb

Tampa Pure Tax Resolution was founded with the welfare of Tampa taxpayers in mind. Individuals and business owners in the Tampa area who are struggling with IRS problems of any kind need a tax resolution company that is honest, reliable, and can get results. As the owner of Tampa Pure Tax, I want to invite you to call today and allow us the privilege of providing professional tax relief for your IRS problems. When you hire our company you will have your own tax attorney to represent you with the IRS, to negotiate and settle your tax problems for good. Call (813) 302-7123 to speak directly with a tax attorney for a free consultation. We are tax help you can trust!"

Tim Halcomb ~ President of Tampa Pure Tax Resolution

IRS Back Tax Forgiveness

Tampa Pure Tax works with Florida taxpayers to pursue convenient IRS back tax forgiveness programs. Our professional tax attorneys will negotiate with the IRS to arrange Installment Plans, Offer in Compromises, and other affordable plans to reduce and settle your back tax debt.

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Licensed IRS Tax Attorneys

IRS tax debt is no laughing matter! Find peace of mind knowing you will be working with our licensed tax attorneys in the Tampa area to represent you in confidentiality, and negotiate with the IRS to settle your IRS problems.

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Stop Wage Garnishment

Taxpayers in the Tampa area that are receiving IRS collection letters should act now to stop wage garnishment and protect their assets. Our tax attorneys & enrolled agents will negotiate with the IRS to Stop Wage Garnishments within 24-48 hours.

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Business Tax Help & Consulting

Our business tax attorneys work with local businesses to resolve Payroll Tax, Worker Classification, and Deduction problems, and provide comprehensive business tax accounting and bookkeeping solutions.

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Are you a Tampa-area taxpayer experiencing tax debt problems?

Do you have erroneous or unfiled tax returns?

Is the IRS threatening a collection against your assets or wages?

From the sandy beaches, to the constant sunshine, there is much to appreciate living in Florida. But, when you are in need of tax relief for your IRS problems, the Sunshine State may not be as enjoyable. You are not alone. Many Tampa-area residents owe IRS tax debt, and may be facing serious collections or business closures as a result. When you owe money to the IRS, you may not know where to turn for tax resolution services. While there are countless alleged tax relief firms you could hire, know that they are usually impersonal, national marketing companies. When you're facing serious IRS tax problems, wouldn’t you rather rely on a professional, and proven firm that Florida taxpayers can rely on?

Founded by Tim Halcomb in 2004, our team of licensed tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and CPAs represent clients throughout Tampa and all surrounding areas to permanently resolve their IRS tax problems. We strive to assist individuals and businesses with our tax resolution services, including settling back taxes, abating tax penalties and interest, settling IRS audits, stopping wage garnishment, and helping Tampa-area business owners resolve IRS problems and stay compliant and healthy.



Our comprehensive tax resolution strategies are backed by qualified tax attorneys, and other tax resolution professionals that get results for Tampa taxpayers struggling with IRS problems of any kind

IRS Back Tax Relief Programs

Our team of tax attorneys and enrolled agents can pursue a variety of personalized tax relief programs designed to properly, and permanently settle IRS back taxes for Tampa area taxpayers.


IRS Tax Attorney Representation

Licensed tax attorneys provide a legal advantage in settling complicated IRS problems. Our team of IRS tax attorneys not only are seasoned professionals at resolving IRS problems for Tampa individuals and businesses, but also adhere to our strict standards of ethics and customer service.


Stop Wage Garnishment & IRS Collections

We work with Tampa taxpayers to show them how to stop wage garnishment and other IRS collections as a result of outstanding tax debt.  It's crucial you take action today by contacting a professional tax relief firm that can stop wage garnishment immediately, and exercise a plan to resolve your tax debt for good.


IRS Audit Representation

IRS audits are one of the most common IRS problems that Tampa taxpayers face, and it must be addressed properly in order to avoid additional problems.  Our team of licensed tax attorneys represent Tampa individuals or businesses to settle audits of any kind, and construct a plan to avoid IRS audits in the future.


IRS Tax Penalty Abatement

Many Tampa taxpayers with IRS tax debt don't realize the impact that tax penalties and interest may have on their already stressful tax delinquency. We can construct a viable tax penalty abatement plan to reduce, or even eliminate tax penalties for Tampa taxpayers.


Business Tax Help & Consulting

Tampa is one of the most business-rich areas in the state of Florida, and unfortunately, many businesses across the region encounter IRS problems of some kind.  In order to resolve IRS problems and keep your business safe, our business tax help professionals provide expert tax relief programs for businesses, and ongoing tax consulting and accounting to keep your business healthy and profitable.


International Tax Relief & Consulting

We have grown our tax resolution expertise into the arena of international tax resolution and consulting, and work with Tampa residents with offshore assets or international employment matters in need of professional international tax help.


See What Our Tax Resolution Services Can Do For You

Once you retain our tax resolution professionals to resolve your IRS problems, you are equipping yourself with licensed, and seasoned tax law professionals that will work diligently on your behalf to settle your IRS problems. We take pride in serving the Tampa area and beyond to help local taxpayers get back on track, and are prepared to construct a personalized tax relief program for you. Contact us today to speak with our professional tax attorneys for a free, confidential consultation.


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