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IRS Back Tax Forgiveness & Tax Resolution - Lakeland, FL


Through the expert IRS negotiations of our licensed tax professionals, we help individuals and businesses of Lakeland, FL settle IRS tax debt through convenient back tax forgiveness and tax resolution programs

Pure Tax Resolution serves taxpayers across Lakeland with expert tax resolution services to properly settle IRS back taxes, penalties, audits, wage garnishments, business tax problems, plus any other IRS-related issue.  Securing the right IRS back tax forgiveness plan for you begins with finding a reliable tax resolution service that gets results.  With all the flaky tax resolution marketers lurking on the TV, radio, and internet, we work every day to provide a professional alternative to Lakeland taxpayers facing crippling tax problems.  Before your IRS troubles evolve into a much more hazardous situation for you, your family, or your business, take action today and contact us for a free, personal consultation. We are proud to offer flat-rate pricing and 24-hour availability for our Lakeland clients.




What's Your Tax Problem? We Have A Solution For You..

IRS Back Tax Forgiveness & Penalty Abatement

IRS back taxes, and their respective penalties, can be a curse, but a convenient settlement plan can be reached that can settle and reduce your tax debt, penalties, and keep your assets and wages safe. With the expert representation of our tax attorneys, we can secure an affordable back tax forgiveness plan that suits your lifestyle and budget.

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Tax Attorney Representation

With any successful tax settlement we secure for our Lakeland clients, our dedicated team of licensed tax attorneys play a vital role from start to finish.  Our tax attorneys are not only accomplished tax law experts, but they are dedicated to customer service and transparent communication.

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Wage Garnishment & Collection Settlements

If you find yourself at the point where the IRS is, or will be, seizing your assets due to your prolonged tax debt, you are looking at a very serious situation that requires immediate attention. To stop wage garnishment and levies and regain your financial freedom, we strongly suggest contacting us today to discuss your options for wage garnishment and collection relief.

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IRS Audit Representation

Whether an individual or business owner in the Lakeland area facing an IRS audit, it's crucial you seek professional IRS audit representation to settle the audit, and avoid them moving forward. As one or our tax attorney's specialties, we offer individual and business audit help to properly navigate your audit, and remain tax compliant moving forward.

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Business Tax Help & Accounting

Our licensed tax team consists of experienced business tax attorneys and CPAs that provide a comprehensive suite of business tax help, accounting, and consulting solutions. Have payroll tax problems or other IRS issues? We can resolve them.  Need help streamlining your payroll, bookkeeping, and financials? Our expert CPAs and Accountants are at your service to help your business thrive.

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Offshore Tax Reporting & FBAR Consulting

To accommodate the needs of Florida residents with offshore tax reporting requirements, our offshore tax attorneys provide expert offshore consulting, including FBAR reporting for investments, and tax reporting for international employees.

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Learn More About Our Comprehensive Tax Resolution Services

Our firm strives to offer complete tax resolution services for Lakeland taxpayers facing tax problems of any kind.  In order to construct the right tax settlement plan for you, we urge you to contact us today so we can better understand your needs. We look forward to hearing from you!


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