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Business Tax Help & Accounting Solutions  - Tampa, FL

Tampa, FL business tax help

Business tax problems affect companies of all sizes, across all industries. While Tampa area businesses are on the average end when it comes to business tax problems, they are not to be taken lightly. Most business tax problems arise because the owner has never maintained a business before, can’t afford an accountant, or didn’t know a form 941 had to be filed with the IRS.


Solutions for your Business Tax Problems

Payroll Tax Relief

Payroll tax problems are serious business tax problems and require prompt action. These tax problems typically arise when businesses owners use payroll tax funds withheld from employee’s paychecks to pay operating expenses.

If you failed to file a Form 941, our tax accountants can quickly file it for you. If you fail to pay your payroll taxes, you will eventually be forced to pay the initial amount plus penalties and interest. Our expert business tax team can bring clarity to your payroll tax situation, and provide ongoing payroll support to ensure you avoid payroll issues in the future.

Worker Classification Filing – Employee or Independent Contractor?

Many employers try to avoid their obligation to pay employment taxes by fraudulently classifying their employees as independent contractors. If the IRS suspects that you may have misclassified your workers, and you've received a notice challenging your tax return, you should contact a local tax resolution specialist. Our tax attorneys can work with you to ensure the most favorable determination in how your workers are classified.

Resolving Overstated Deductions

We all make mistakes. After all, the Internal Revenue Code can be as confusing to experts as well as ordinary taxpayers. Sometimes the IRS simply disagrees with how you've categorized an expense. If the IRS has challenged your return or questioned a deduction, our team of tax attorneys and CPAs will rectify any issues on your tax returns and negotiate with the IRS to settle any deduction problems.

Comprehensive Tax & Bookkeeping Solutions

At Tampa Pure Tax, we've tailored our business tax services to accommodate the ongoing tax accounting and bookkeeping needs of Tampa business owners.  We're not only in business to resolve IRS problems for Tampa businesses, but we also want to be your ongoing partner in business success.  Our team of expert CPAs, Accountants, and Tax Attorneys combine their expertise to offer year-round tax filing and accounting solutions, personalize to your needs.  For a flat, affordable monthly fee, our team handles all bookkeeping, tax filing, payroll filing, cash flow management, IRS resolution, plus any other tax consulting or financial need you have.  Our services are 100% flexible to your business goals, and our involvement will grow as your business grows!


Comprehensive Business Tax Help & Accounting Solutions for Tampa Businesses

If you are a Tampa area business owner looking to settle your IRS problems and see your business succeed, we are available to speak with you today.  Our team of business tax help specialists can formulate a plan to resolve your IRS problems, and provide ongoing accounting and consulting services to help your business remain healthy and profitable. Free consultations

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