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International Tax Attorneys & Consulting Services - Tampa, FL

International tax attorney Tampa FL

Are you a Tampa-area taxpayer in need of professional tax consulting for your offshore assets?

Do you have concerns about any FATCA or FBAR issues with your offshore assets?

Are you a local resident that plans on investing offshore and need proactive consulting?


Along with our long list of proven tax resolution specialties we offer to Tampa taxpayers every day, we provide professional consulting and compliance services for Tampa-area taxpayers with offshore assets of any kind, including mutual funds, bank accounts, securities, cash-valued insurance policies, or real estate.  Our team of international tax attorneys and enrolled agents work with local taxpayers to resolve any international tax complications they may have, and offer sound international tax consulting of the life of their foreign investments.

The Risks of Owning Foreign Investments

Over the past few years, the U.S. Government, along with all respective U.S. tax departments have been exercising new legislation to increase the tax reporting transparency for offshore accounts owned by U.S. taxpayers. This means that U.S. taxpayers looking to shelter their investments overseas are now required to comply with these laws, or face serious financial or criminal penalties.

As the nature of these regulations continue to evolve, it makes it more and more difficult for Tampa-area taxpayers to avoid hefty international tax law penalties.  And, regardless if international tax delinquency is willful or not, the Government continues to enforce crippling penalties and criminal charges on a daily basis.

International Tax Reporting - The Requirements

The two most notable programs mandated by the U.S. Government are FBAR (Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts), and FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act). These laws delegate strict regulations on Tampa taxpayers with foreign assets, and the foreign financial institutions that harbor any investments.  You, and any respective financial institution(s), are required to provide up-to-date records of asset value and gains, mainly by submitting specific forms with your tax returns.  If these filing deadlines are not satisfied on time, or filed improperly, the Government will enforce hefty financial penalties and even criminal investigations. 

Failing to comply with Government FBAR and FATCA regulations can result in:

  • Substantial fees that can range in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, which is calculated as a percentage of your asset values, and longevity of delinquency.
  • Criminal investigations and prosecution, if they determine your tax reporting delinquency is will-ful, and goes unsettled for too long.

We Provide Solutions for International Tax Problems

We are skilled in working with Tampa-area taxpayers to listen to their unique needs, and offer sound international tax resolution and consulting services.  Our international tax attorneys and enrolled agents are experts at understanding the ever-changing international tax laws, and negotiate with all U.S. Government bureaus to address any foreign tax complications you may have. We are experts in enrolling our clients into the necessary resolution programs, which are proven solutions that are universally recognized by the IRS and Treasury.

The steps we take to protect your foreign assets:

1. International Tax Evaluation:   When you contact us today, we will arrange a free, confidential tax consultation at your convenience.  Our President, Tim Halcomb, and our international tax team will conference with you to collect all necessary information to address your international tax resolution needs.

2. Research:  When you retain our services, we go to work immediately by collecting all necessary records from the IRS, and any respective foreign financial institutions.

3. Resolution Strategy: Once we thoroughly evaluate your tax case, we will execute a personalized strategy to address your international tax needs.  We keep all records 100% confidential throughout the resolution process, and promise to provide transparent communication and professional service the entire way.

Our Comprehensive International Tax Services are available for you

We offer free consultations and flat-rate pricing for our services. We are available right now to take your call for all your international tax resolution needs. We look forward to working with you.

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