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IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Programs - Tampa, FL


IRS back taxes are a nightmare for Florida taxpayers, including both individuals and businesses. Luckily, you are in good hands with Tampa Pure Tax Resolution.  It is well known that the IRS has a reputation in being aggressive in their collections. Though, the IRS does favor those that take action to properly settle back taxes, and it begins with having a licensed tax attorney negotiating an IRS back tax forgiveness plan for you. Having a tax relief professional on your side is crucial for a number of reasons:

  1. Experienced tax attorneys have the skill and experience to interpret the rules governing the IRS.
  2. Tax resolution attorneys in particular are specifically trained to negotiate settlements with the IRS and understand where the IRS has leeway and where they lack discretion to grant concessions.
  3. A taxpayer who owes back taxes may be too emotionally involved in their own case to effectively represent themselves.


IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Programs Available for You

Through extensive training and field experience, our licensed tax attorneys and enrolled agents have the ability to achieve a variety of IRS back tax forgiveness programs for our Tampa area clients...


IRS Installment Agreement

When owing a significant amount of back tax debt, the IRS will most likely grant you an affordable installment plan where you pay off your back taxes in monthly installments.  In these cases, the IRS may also suspend your tax penalty and interest obligation.  To pursue and secure this IRS back tax forgiveness plan, you will need the legal expertise of a licensed tax attorney working on your behalf.

Offer in Compromise (OIC)

Despite what you have heard from other companies, an OIC is rarely the appropriate tax resolution strategy. The IRS will simply not accept an offer in compromise if they believe you have the income and assets to repay. But, if you do possess the necessary financial conditions that may qualify for an OIC, our licensed tax attorneys will take the proper measures to present your case and secure an OIC for you.

Currently not Collectible Status (CNC)

Our tax attorneys have been able to grant a majority of our clients this status. To get a CNC, the taxpayer must be able to show that repaying, in full or through installments, would leave them unable to cover necessary expenses, such as food and shelter. If successful, a temporary hold will be placed on all collection. This may become permanent if there is no change in your income or assets.

Learn More About Your Options For IRS Back Tax Forgiveness

When you owe IRS back taxes, it may be difficult to focus on anything but your burdensome situation. Your job, family and health may be put at risk due to the unbelievable amount of stress. Our Tampa tax relief experts will be able to stop the vicious cycle of stress by shouldering the burden of your tax debt, resolve your issues and get you back on your feet! Contact us today for a FREE consultation.

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