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Stop Wage Garnishment - Wage Garnishment Help for Tampa Taxpayers

Stop wage garnishment Tampa FL

If you live in the Tampa area and have received a CP-297, or Intent to Levy, or a CP-90, issuing notice of an impending wage garnishment, action must be taken immediately to ensure your assets and wages don't get compromised.  Luckily for Tampa taxpayers, Tampa Pure Tax provides expert help to stop wage garnishment in its tracks!

Though Florida is 1 of 7 states that does not have an income tax, every bit of your paycheck is important. We frequently receive and respond to taxpayers' requests to help them stop wage garnishment and, in most cases, we can stop wage garnishment within 24 hours from the time you reach out and provide us with the necessary information.

How To Prevent Wage Garnishment

When the IRS decides to levy on your wages (garnish your wages), they send a letter to your employer ordering them to take money from your paycheck and pay it over to the IRS to be applied to your back tax debt. Your employer is legally obligated to comply with the IRS' demand. The IRS has the power to take a lot of your income. Could you pay your bills if they did that? Most people couldn't. Remember, the IRS doesn't want to garnish your wages. They just want to be paid what they are owed. And, you'll ultimately pay less if you work out an agreement in advance, so to be clear, what you shouldn't do is pretend you never received the notice and ignore it. This is a serious matter that requires the professional assistance from our wage garnishment lawyers at Dallas Pure Tax Resolution.

Do Not Ignore The IRS

The IRS pursues forceful collection acts if you ignore them. One of the strongest tools they have is the power to garnish your wages, with or without a judicial ruling. When the IRS decides to garnish your wages, they instruct your employer to withhold most of your paycheck and send the funds to go towards your tax debt. This deprives you of the money you need to support your family and it brings your employer into your back tax problem with the IRS, which may result in embarrassment and even the loss of your job.

The IRS Will Provide Ample Notice

Before they garnish your wages, four things are to occur:

  1. The IRS is required by law to issue a specific collection letter containing a demand for you to pay your tax bill.
  2. You must have failed to respond to this letter.
  3. The IRS will send you a final notice of intent to garnish your wages.
  4. If you do not response within 30 days, the IRS will notify your employer to garnish your wages.


Facing An IRS Collection? We Can Stop Wage Garnishment Today!

When you hire us, we will immediately contact the IRS on your behalf, and usually, within 24 hours, we can persuade the IRS to release your wage garnishment. To secure a lasting, long-term tax settlement, we must be able to persuade the IRS that you have a plan for resolving your tax debt.  Contact the expert tax resolution professionals at Tampa Pure Tax today to discuss your options to stop wage garnishment immediately.


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